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With Kakehashi Africa, you have access to information about challenges and opportunities in the vast Africa market.

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Welcome to Kakehashi Africa

Kakehashi Africa brings together leaders, experts and business partners to forge an interdependent relationship.


We believe that trust is the driving force of successful business relations. Kakehashi Africa members are educated and ethical professionals who understand principles of coordination and partnership.


We recognise and acknowledge our members, partners and clients, and aim to work together with them to achieve our mutual interests.

Integrity and Accountability

We value honesty, upholding high ethical and moral standards, transparency and accountability to our members, partners, customers and stakeholders.


We consider active participation of our members, partners, clients and stakeholders essential in achieving our goals and objectives.

Our Services

Business Support and Matching

We offer business support to Japanese enterprises through market research information, surveys and case studies. Other forms of support come through consultancy services. We evaluate the feasibility and economic viability for proper targeting. We also match our members with Japanese enterprises based on skillset and field of expertise.


Promoting Entrepreneurship

Our organization encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship among members. By engaging Japanese enterprises, our members develop innovative and creative solutions to challenges in Africa. Japanese products can then be modified for each region instead of a general solution.


Trainings, Conferences and Seminars

Our business conferences and training seminars are opportunities for young entrepreneurs and potential investors to engage in discussions about practical solutions to Africa's challenges.



Join our network. Be a navigator. Be a champion for intra-Africa as well as Japan- Africa business relations.


Our Management and Leadership

Our organization is founded and run by ABE Initiative participants. The Executive team manages the affairs of the organization in consultation with Advisory Board.


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Our Mission

To be a bridge for sustainable development through business partnership and network between Japan and Africa.

We achieve this through our philosophy of Ubuntu- I am because we are!

The Genesis